Sculpture - Hands of Friendship

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The artistic ability of Liberia's wood carvers is widely recognized. Add this authentic Mahogany Wood sculpture to your collection.. The work depicts two hands, light and dark, clasped in friendship. For many years, Liberians have practiced a handshake that is known as a "snap handshake." It is a Western handshake that ends with a mutual press of the fingers that creates a "snap" sound, This sculpture would look beautiful on a table, shelf or wall in your home or office.

Please note: Sizes are approximate. Colors and motifs may vary, but the theme will be similar.

• Small: 4.5" Tall x 3" Wide x 9.5" long
• Medium: 3" Tall x 3" Wide x 11" long
• Large: 4" Tall x 3" Wide x 11.5" long
• Mahogany
• Hand-crafted item -- color, size and/or motif may vary slightly
• Made in Liberia.