About Us

From Our Farm to Your Refrigerator!

Tom Ellis, owner of Alma Fruits, began the fruit-oriented business 25 years ago. A member of Georgia Grown, Alma Fruits offers a variety of wholesale and retail products.

Alma Fruits is a family-operated business focused on the research and development of emerging Georgia crops such as pomegranates, satsumas, and Japanese persimmons.

One of the founders of the Pomegranate Association, Ellis, through Alma Fruits, has supported an emerging crop program for pomegranates that assists in getting the product to consumers. Currently there are 10 farmers with a total of 18 acres in Georgia growing pomegranates.

Alma Fruits offers a healthy blueberry and pomegranate juice, and pecans, pomegranate jelly, strawberry fig jam, and pine straw. Also available are handmade original African artworks from Monrovia, Liberia.

The reason for Alma Fruits was for the development of commercial pomegranate production in Georgia, with small circles of distribution, so that we can give back to our local communities, and build from that distribution.” said Ellis.

Our products have to be excellent, because we are selling them in our own backyard. We’re selling them to our neighbors. We’re selling them to our friends, and we’re going to consume them ourselves. They have to be the best.” continued Ellis.